When is the ideal time to get your vehicle appraised?

Are you worried about not having enough time to get your vehicle appraised and the repairs done before it is collected. Don’t worry your not the only one, we are here to help!

We recommend having your appraisal done 4-6 weeks before it gets collected. This is so that if there is any damages around the vehicle, it gives you plenty of time to rectify it before it goes back to the de-fleet team and they try to charge you main dealer prices.

Here at EndoF we don’t actually carry out any remedial work to your vehicle. We provide you with the knowledge (as seen in the eyes of your leaser) giving you the time to make the relevant repairs. We do have a directory of recommended garages if necessary. 

You can book your appraisal the very first day (or book here now) you get the vehicle delivered if you wish. Its better to have it booked in advance than wait until the last min and be disappointed, we are extremely busy throughout the course of the year with vehicles being returned daily. If you feel you may forget, simply give us your details, and we will be sure to remind you 12 weeks before the vehicle is due to come to its end of lease. Giving you enough time for you to book in for your EndoF Appraisal and get any damage rectified if needed. Click here to give us your details for a reminder.

You can have an appraisal carried out at your chosen location. The appraisal only takes around 45 minutes. It is a quick and easy solution to make sending your vehicle back hassle free.

To book just visit http://www.endof.co/

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