Have you curbed your alloy wheels?

Do you have curbed wheels and are unsure if your going to be charged by your lease company when it’s returned?

Let us help you…

Most people do have scuffs or scratches on at least one if not all of their wheels. As humans we would consider this a common thing as we all miss judge a curb at time after time, however in the leasing world scuffed and scratched alloys are not acceptable over a specific size.


We want to provide you with exactly what the fair wear and tear guide it states, here at EndoF we make sure our experts are constantly working alongside the governing bodies and their guidelines.

  • Dents and holes on wheel rims and wheel trims are not acceptable.
  • Scuffs totalling up to 50mm on the total circumference of the wheel trim and on alloy wheels are acceptable.
  • Any damage to the wheel spokes and the hub of the alloy wheel is not acceptable.

All leasing companies have to abide by these rules, although your leasing companies can be more lenient so it is always best to get an EndoF (lease made easy) appraisal done with the experts as they know how to save you money.

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