Do you know what happens if you miss a service?

We often see the problems that people face when it comes to owning or leasing a vehicle. These problems range from small to large, from cheap to expensive, today we want to highlight a reoccurring problem that we see on a weekly basis.


Do you know the importance of servicing your vehicle when its due?


Let us tell you, if you do not service your vehicle its more likely not to perform to its best abilities. This is the number one reason the manufacturer informs you that a service is required. we all want our vehicles to perform a certain way giving us value for money right? Whilst the above is very obvious, we see large percentages of people fail to service their vehicle and as a result, get charged large amounts of money at the end of their agreed lease or finance term.


Anybody that knows us here at EndoF, will understand how we love saving you money when it comes to your vehicle. If you do not service your vehicle when required, it will not only cost you the amount in which the service is valued, but often additional charges. You as the owner or leaser are seen are responsible fo this action, looking after the vehicle according to the manufacturers requirements.

When leasing a vehicle or financing a vehicle in the form of a PCP the vehicle has an estimated value at the EndoF the term. This value will be created from various aspects such as the milage, service history, condition of the car etc. The service history will massively effect the perceived value of a car which is why it’s crucial to abide by the manufacturers terms at all costs. More importantly you will save hundreds of pounds in the long run, as when de-fleeting the vehicle you will be charged heavily, which isn’t negotiable.


Where can I have my service undertaken?

You can have your vehicle serviced at any VAT Registered car garage, although they MUST use genuine parts if the vehicle is still under warranty. If genuine parts are not used, it will void the warranty and you would be responsible for any bills if there is an issue with the vehicle in the future.


In summary it is key to fulfil the requirements of your manufacturer/lease company when it comes to servicing. There really is no way around this action, notifications are regularly set appearing on your dashboard, however if not please keep note of when your yearly service or mileage cap indicates the need for a visit to the service station.

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